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Collection: Keren Kopal Elephants

We are extremely excited to introduce the amazing Keren Kopal Elephant Collection. We have always admired the Keren Kopal figurines and trinket boxes, and we can't wait to hear what you think about them. Please read about Keren Kopal below and start browsing this incredible collection today. Remember that shopping with us will help us with our goal to save our elephants. 



As an art and antique collector, Keren has traveled the world inspired by her deep passion for aesthetics & beauty. In one of her visits to Moscow, she was greatly touched by the fabulous work of Peter Carl Faberge and began to create her own unique sculpture collection. All designs are original creations of the “Keren Kopal Collection” and are Limited Edition. Each item is made with love, painted by hand with a unique technique as well as plated with 24K gold or 925 Sterling Silver. All gems decorating Keren's collections are Austrian and Swarovski crystals. Our designs come in the most stunning packages! Each piece is signed by the designer as a guarantee of authenticity.