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  • Mama Bear Silhouette Short Sleeve Graphic Tee

  • Cute Elephant Coffee Mug

    Elephant Coffee Mug - Just a Girl who Loves Elephants

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  • Mini Handheld Keychain Backpack Card Holder

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Stunning Jewelry


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  • Gorgeous Giraffe Metal Wall Art

    Transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary with our exquisite metal sign, featuring a stunning giraffe gracefully feeding from an Acacia tree in Africa.

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  • Metal Elephant Sign

    Black Metal Elephant Sign

    How beautiful will this African elephants metal sign look in your home? It's so cool to picture this African safari right in your living space or outdoors to welcome your guests.

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  • Kaavan Elephant Wall Décor

    Kaavan Elephant Metal Décor

    We all remember how excited we were to watch Kaavan Elephant Décor finally achieve his freedom after years of suffering in a zoo and feeling so lonely. Today we not only celebrate Kaavan's freedom, but we also celebrate his happiness.

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Unique Outdoor Mats

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Have you been on an African Safari?

  • baby elephants playing - elefootprints elephants goofy

    What Makes Elephants So Cute…

    Humans have been fascinated with elephants since their very first encounter. These mammals are beasts, but their hearts are warm and fuzzy. In a way, we see pieces of ourselves in elephants; we see the joy, the sadness, the aging, the birth and death, and everything in between.

  • 6 Reasons Elephant Moms Are the Best Mothers

    An elephant mom is very nurturing and protective of her offspring, especially in the earliest stages of their lives.

    Click here to read about Elephant Moms 
  • Amara the Little Elephant

    The Little Elephant's Big Adventure | Amara the adorable Baby Elephant | Fun Children's Picture Book with an elephant as the main character | Adventure Juvenile Picture Book

    The Little Elephant's Big Adventure 
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