Children's Picture Book - The Little Elephant's Big Adventure Ages 6+

Embark on a heartwarming journey with Amara, the adorable baby elephant, as she explores the captivating landscapes of the Serengeti in East Africa. Amara's world is brimming with friendship and play until she faces an unexpected challenge. Separated from her elephant herd by a wildebeest stampede, Amara must navigate perilous situations, from getting lost in the forest to falling into a hole and becoming trapped in a poacher's wire trap.

Will Amara conquer the dangers of the wild and reunite with her herd? Immerse yourself in 'The Little Elephant’s Big Adventure - A Heartwarming Seremgeti Adventure Story' and join the growing community of readers enchanted by Amara's unforgettable story.

Your child's next thrilling adventure awaits within the pages of this heartwarming book!

Amara - The Little Elephants' Big Adventure

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The Little Elephant's Big Adventure Children's Picture Book | Hardcover | Amara

As parents search for the perfect book to ignite their child's imagination and curiosity, "The Little Elephant's Big Adventure" stands out as an exciting choice. Filled with vibrant illustrations and a compelling storyline, this book captures the essence of African biodiversity and introduces young minds to the significance of protecting our planet's precious creatures.

Lessons from the Elephant Book

Join us and experience Amara's journey as she makes friends in unexpected places, helping her find her way back home. This is an undeniably beautiful story of inner courage, conquering challenges, making new friends, listening to your parents, empathy, and the profound connection between elephants and humans.

Meet your Author

Mila Figg is a passionate children’s book author who loves to bring Africa to life in her stories. Growing up in Kenya amidst the breathtaking landscapes and free-roaming wildlife inspired her to craft tales filled with adventure and valuable life lessons for young readers.

Mila Figg

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FAQs about "The Little Elephant’s Big Adventure":

What age group is the book suitable for?

"The Little Elephant’s Big Adventure" is crafted
for children between the ages of 6 and 10, catering to both early and
middle-grade readers. While parents can certainly read the book to younger
children, they may need to provide explanations for some of the more
challenging words.


Is the book educational?

Absolutely! Beyond the engaging narrative, the book
introduces young readers to the diverse wildlife of the Serengeti, African
cultures like the Maasai tribe, and emphasizes valuable lessons on courage,
friendship, and wildlife conservation.


How many pages is the book?

The book contains 30 pages of captivating storytelling and
vibrant illustrations, ensuring an immersive reading experience.


Is the story based on real events?

While inspired by the rich landscapes and wildlife of the
Serengeti, the story is a work of fiction crafted to entertain, inspire, and
instill important values in young readers.


Are there more books planned in the series?

Yes! "The Little Elephant’s Big Adventure – A Heartwarming
Serengeti Adventure Story" is the first in a series of books following
Amara's adventures. Stay tuned for more exciting tales from the Serengeti!

Where can I purchase the book?

You can order "The Little Elephant’s Big
Adventure" on our website


Is there any additional content or activities related to
the book?

Visit our website for Magnetic Puzzle Books, Alphabet Flash
Cards, Stickers, and Plush Elephants and Maasai Dolls to enhance the reading
experience and extend the learning journey for young readers. Look for the book
trailer and other animations on our YouTube channel.


What inspired the author to write this story?

The author drew inspiration from a passion for wildlife
conservation, a love for the Serengeti, and the desire to share a heartwarming story
that instills empathy and courage in young readers.


Can I get a signed copy of the book?

Yes, signed copies may be available through special
promotions or events. Keep an eye on our website or social media for


How can I connect with the author or share feedback?

Feel free to reach out to the author through our website's
contact page or email
We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. You can tag us on social
media using the hashtag #AmaraTheElephant and #milainspired.