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A Wonderful Day at the Book and Author Fair

Dallas Writer's Garret Book Fair

I had an amazing time at the Book & Author Fair on Saturday, May 18th, hosted by The Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts "Turner House" in Dallas, Texas. The event was part of the Dallas Is Lit celebration, organized by the Writer's Garret, and it was a truly memorable experience.

Setting the Scene

The fair was an inviting space filled with books, some bookstore representatives, creatives like photographers and artists, and many more members of the literary community from around the neighborhood and beyond. Inside the historic Turner House, individual authors, including myself, had the opportunity to showcase and sign our books.

Getting Ready

My husband, Matt, and I packed up our items and headed to the event with copies of "The Little Elephant's Big Adventure," magnetic puzzles, plush elephants, Maasai dolls, ABC flashcards, and stickers. We arrived at 10:00 AM, greeting our host, Starla, and a few fellow authors who were already setting up.

The Event Begins

The fair kicked off promptly at 11:00 AM, and the crowds began to pour in. The lawn outside was bustling with live music, vendors, and food trucks. We were stationed inside, enjoying the cool air on a hot 90-degree Saturday.

Visitors stopped by our table to watch the trailer for "The Little Elephant's Big Adventure" and to learn more about the book and its beautiful story. I shared my inspiration for writing the book and discussed the importance of elephant conservation. Many people remarked that the story reminded them of "The Lion King," but with a twist—our series follows the path of creating an Elephant Queen rather than a King.

Memorable Moments

One of the highlights of my day was meeting a young girl who stopped by our table several times, determined to solve our magnetic puzzle. When she finally succeeded, she was thrilled, and her excitement was contagious. Her mom bought her a copy of the book, which I happily signed. The girl even became our puzzle spokesperson, enthusiastically telling other attendees how wonderful the puzzle was.

Another unforgettable moment was meeting a woman who initially admired my book but decided not to purchase it because she had already bought enough books. To my surprise and delight, she returned later, saying she couldn’t stop thinking about "The Little Elephant's Big Adventure." She bought the book for her granddaughter, and I had the pleasure of signing it for her. This heartfelt moment truly touched me.


I am immensely grateful to Starla, the Writer's Garret, Dallas Is Lit, my supportive husband, and all the wonderful people who stopped by to support us. This was my first author event, and the encouragement I received was incredible. I heard many inspiring stories from other authors, which reinforced the vibrant creativity within our community and the importance of supporting one another.

Join the Adventure

"The Little Elephant's Big Adventure" is available now. Purchase your copy and discover why so many people love this heartwarming and adventurous story. We can't wait to see you at our next event in June!

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