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Why are Elephants so Smart?

Let's talk about the curiosity we have about elephants. They are the largest land mammal and we are so intrigued by their intelligence. So today we ask, why are elephants so smart? 

Six Reasons why Elephants are so Smart

1. Elephants are Great Communicators:

Have you ever wondered why elephants appear to be so organized? They walk in single file while following a matriarch, they surround a mother who's giving birth to protect her and the baby, they trumpet to each other when there's danger close by... so many different examples of how these amazing creatures share their thoughts with one another. 

Elephants are great communicators_Elefootprints
Elephants are great communicators


 2. Elephants are Great Protectors:

Elephants are very protective of their young. They stay fairly close to baby elephants and watch them as they play with other young babies. Baby elephants are very curious and they sometimes wander off chasing birds and other tiny creatures and they easily forget the dangers lurking in the wild. Mama elephants have strong instincts and they are wonderful caretakers. There are also elephant nannies who help care for young elephants in times when the moms are not able to.  

Elephants are great protectors_Elefootprints
Elephants are great protectors


3. Elephants have Extraordinary Memories:

Have you ever heard the saying "An elephant never forgets" or "you have the memory of an elephant" or "elephants have long memories", all these sayings are positive for the elephant because researchers have long believed that elephants have great memories and that this has helped their species survive in the wild for many years They remember where the water sources are, they remember their routes on different journeys, and they remember who the predators are. Researchers do points out that elephants do forget things from time to time and don't necessarily have the "perfect" memories, but they do have incredible memories that are capable of retaining lots of important information.  

Elephants have Extraordinary Memories
Elephants have Extraordinary Memories


4. Elephants Show Empathy:

Nature is so wonderful because if we step back, we can see so many similarities between humans and these beautiful creatures that roam the earth. Elephants have been studied for centuries and they still find ways to wow us. Showing empathy is such a human trait and it touches us when we see that elephants are so similar to us in that they are emotionally intelligent and they have the capability of recognizing feelings in other elephants and can offer comfort to one another.  

Elephants show Empathy
Elephants show Empathy


5. Elephants Understand Body Language:

African elephants have been studied in the wild where they coexist with native tribes such as the Masai tribe and it was determined that the elephants had the ability to tell the difference between different languages and ages of the people in the area. They were also aware of various warnings from the Masai men when they ventured too close to the Masai farms. It is understood that most of the matriarchs are very cognitive and they make great leaders because they can understand body language and sometimes voices and speech. 

Elephants understand human body language
Elephants understand human body language


6. Elephants Mourn their Dead:

Elephants form very strong bonds with other elephants and they understand love in a human-like way. They feel so many different emotions and perhaps their ability to mourn for their dead is the most incredible because it shows that they understand death and that they miss their friends and family members when they lose them. Elephants do cry, and they lift up the bones of deceased elephants and hold them up close while they stand in silence. Baby elephants have been observed staying close to their mothers after their passing, nudging them with their trunks. Elephant behavior is interesting and it is so similar to human behavior in some respects. 

Elephants mourn their dead
Elephants mourn their dead


We love elephants and we hope you do as well. They are part of our lovely planet and they deserve to be happy and free. 

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