What Makes Elephants So Cute…

What makes Elephants so cute? All around the world, you can find people of all ages gushing over videos and images of elephants. It's crazy how much love we have for these magnificent animals; from baby Ellies, to mama and the bulls, and mostly the Matriarch, the Queen of the Savannah.

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Humans have been fascinated with elephants since their very first encounter. These mammals are beasts, but their hearts are warm and fuzzy. In a way, we see pieces of ourselves in elephants; we see the joy, the sadness, the aging, the birth and death, and everything in between.

Baby Elephants are Too Cute

Baby Elephant in Africa Wondering what to get into next.

Let's start with the most adorable one of them all, baby elephant. When we ask what makes elephants so cute, we definitely begin by picturing baby elephants. Their playfulness and goofiness is a connection point for us. Baby elephants are so new to the world, and they are fearless and curious (much like human children). She chases little birds through the green pasture with her tiny but mighty trunk. So adorable, she will steal your heart.

The Birth of an Elephant is very Intriguing

It's fascinating to watch an elephant give birth, after an approximate 22 month gestation period (the longest of any living mammal), the baby is ready to come out into the world. 

The birth of an elephants is almost like a ritual, the elephant herd gathers around the mother to protect her and her unborn child as the miracle of birth begins. Once the calf crowns, the mother begins to move around while still pushing until the newborn comes out. The mother quickly uses her trunk to help her baby try to get up. She gathers soil with her trunk and spreads this over her baby, it is believed that the dust helps to mask her newborn smell and protect her from the endless list of predators. The soil also helps the calf to get traction and be able to stand up. Standing up and walking is vital for the new calf, she/he has to keep up with the herd.

The Herd and Communication

African Matriarch Leading the Herd - Photo by Frans Van Heerden

Elephants form communities and they travel in groups know as herds. An elephant herd is led by a Matriarch, the oldest female in the group, because she is wise beyond her years, and her memory serves her well. Experience is the best teacher, and through her years of travelling the rough terrains with other herds, she knows the path and senses danger. She rises to the call of leadership and accepts her path to deliver her herd to greener pastures and flowing waters until her time is up, then she retires quietly into the wilderness to be alone with Mother Earth.

Elephants are great communicators, they share messages with each other and watch out for one another while travelling or grazing. They realize the importance of maintaining their lineage just like humans. We deeply adore elephants for their intellect; they have the ability to solve problems such as finding food, chasing the rain, digging for water, protecting expecting mothers and their young and so on.

Below is a list of reasons why we find elephants to be different from other wild animals and why we love them:

African Baby Elephant playing in mud - via GIPHY

  1. Elephants deeply care for one another.
  2. Elephants are patient. They move slowly, but with purpose and a plan.
  3. Elephants are wise and intelligent. Their mannerisms lead us to believe that they are great thinkers.
  4. Elephants are emotional creatures. When you look into their eyes you are drawn into their world, and they have had quite the journey.
  5. Elephants don't forget. An elephant's memory is long and can recall events even better that most humans.
  6. Elephants are organized. They form herds and have a leader to help them march through the Savannah.
  7. Elephants have a leader called a Matriarch. She is usually the oldest female in the herd. Her job is to lead elephants safely through the wilderness until her death.
  8. Elephants know how to show love. There are endless images of elephants on the internet that show their sense of emotion.
  9. Elephants are great protectors. The herd protects everyone as best as they can. They warn humans and other animals when they get too close by showing their size and flapping their huge ears. If you see this, begin to back off and give these mighty creatures some space.
  10. Elephants have a great sense of community and they rely on each other for support. 
  11. Elephants have a recognizable death ritual. They mourn the dead and pay their respects at the burial grounds.
  12. Elephants are tearful when sad or overjoyed. They are able to experience deep pain like humans.
  13. Elephants, especially calves, are very playful. Just watch them next time you get a chance. The world is theirs.
  14. Lastly, baby elephants….. They are so goofy! They trip and fall, they wear themselves out just like little children do, then they crash.

Please Protect Elephants, They are Vulnerable and Need Us

African Elephant Deep in Thought - Photo by Follow Alice

It is our duty to protect elephants and the environments that they live in so that we can enjoy their company for generations to come. We want future generations to keep asking what makes baby elephants so cute as well.

Elephants are targeted by poachers for their strong tusks which are sold widely on the black market to consumers who crave these products.

It's important to educate ourselves and others about the importance of tusks to elephants because they rely on their tusks for protection against predators, to dig for water, and for so many other functions.

You can adopt an Elephant

Cute Elephant-Sibling-Wrestling
You can Adopt and Elephant or Help with Conservation Efforts

Please keep our magnificent creatures alive. Keep up on your research and help with conservation efforts when you are able to. You can also adopt an elephant; by doing this, the funding you give is used by care takers to provide food and aide to this elephant until their rehabilitation is complete and they are ready to be released back into the wilderness.


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