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Without taking action to save their species, elephants could disappear from the wild within the next thirty years. Around 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, skin, and meat.

Fun fact - Elephants are the World's Largest Land Mammal.
Elephant with tusks in the wild


Asian elephants are much smaller than their African cousins, but their existence is under threat as well. In Asian elephants, only the males grow tusks and they are poached at a much lower rate. Around 12-40 Asian male and female young elephant calves are poached each year for their tusks, skin and meat, and this threatens their population growth. Some Asian elephants are in captivity because local villagers use them to earn a living. These elephants are exploited within the tourism industry and are mistreated to the point of exhaustion, starvation, and sometimes death.

Poaching and animal-human conflict have left us with only 400,000 in the wild today. There are a number of scientist and nonprofit organizations working together to protect elephants, but the problem is much larger than the existing organizations can handle. Elephants need all of us working together to save their future.

Our mission is to work with Elephant sanctuaries so that we can help secure a future for elephants and sustain the beauty and natural integrity of their environment.

We hope to promote the understanding of their intelligence and the diversity of their world while helping develop a tolerant relationship between man and elephants.

Because of our passion for these beautiful creatures, we donate 10% of our net profits toward elephant conservation efforts in Africa.

We regularly add lots of new designs and products to our store in hopes of raising awareness about our cause and connecting with more elephant lovers like you who want to get involved in saving these creatures.

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Why We Do It

After visiting wildlife sanctuaries and adopting two special elephants, we have a better understanding on what this species goes through.

We understand that for many villagers, it may be difficult to live in harmony with giants who are not accustomed to watching their every step. However, in some areas in Africa, villagers have learned to live in accord with these animals without fear or conflict over land.

Donations and the proceeds from our shop go directly to sanctuaries that are equipped to handle these problems. These sanctuaries provide fences for villages, protection from poachers, and medical assistance for wounded infant elephants. These sanctuaries also rescue and reintegrate elephants back into the wild.

We fell in love with many of these orphaned elephants and have adopted two of them so far. With the ability to make and sell quality products, we take pride in our brand focusing on what we love the most - Our elephants!

Donations from our store are making an enormous impact to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and orphaned elephants. They are also used to educate and empower the communities that are helping our elephants.

The more awareness we can raise about our cause, the more amazing work we can do to save elephants and strengthen community bonds.

If you are pleased with the experience and service you've received with us, we encourage you to share that information across your social networks.

Word of mouth is a huge traffic driver for the education of elephant protection, and your support means the world to us and to these gentle giants.

We Love Our Herd of Followers!

Our mission is to build a community that will help us brighten the future of elephants for generations to come. By offering quality merchandise and immaculate service, we are connecting with more elephant lovers like yourself who are happy to share their experiences with the world.

If there is anything we can do to enhance your buying experience, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to providing you with the best online shopping experience; we want you to have fun, enjoy our growing selection of amazing merchandise, and buy what you love.

Thank you for joining the fight to save our elephants, you can shop for stylish elephant merch at Remember, we donate 10% of our profits to elephant conservation efforts in Africa. Please subscribe to become a member of the Herd so that you can get newsletter updates and discounts. Don’t forget to give us a shout out on social media #elefootprints


Save our elephants, because Compassion Carries Us Forward!
Walk Strong, Head High, Trunk Up, Always Inspired!
– The Ele Team
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