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Introducing our Exquisite Collection of Outdoor Mats: Elevate Your Home's Entrance

Welcome guests to your home in style with our exceptional range of outdoor mats. Designed to make a lasting impression, these creative doormats add a touch of charm to your doorstep and create an inviting atmosphere. As you browse through our carefully curated inventory, you'll find a selection of unique mat designs that will truly blow your guests away.


Elephant, Birds, and Mountain Front Door Welcome Mat

Crafted with utmost care, our elephant doormats are made from highly durable coir material, ensuring they withstand the test of time and frequent foot traffic. The sturdy construction is perfect for busy households, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your entryway. Say goodbye to flimsy mats that quickly wear out and embrace the resilience of our thoughtfully designed mats.

To maintain their pristine appearance, our mats are professionally stenciled using fade-resistant dyes. This means you can enjoy vibrant colors that remain vivid season after season, enhancing the visual appeal of your doorstep. No matter the weather conditions or the amount of foot traffic, these mats will retain their colorfast brilliance, bringing a touch of elegance to your home's exterior.

One of the standout features of our mats is their exceptional dirt-trapping capabilities. The coir fibers effortlessly remove dirt and debris from footwear, ensuring that your floors stay cleaner for longer. By keeping unwanted dirt outside, you'll spend less time cleaning your floors and more time enjoying your beautiful home. Our mats become your first line of defense against muddy footprints and tracked-in messes, giving you peace of mind and a cleaner living space.
Mountain Elephant and Birds Welcome Mat


We offer a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you have a spacious entryway or a cozy porch, you'll find the perfect fit among our four sizes: 36"x24", 30"x18", 18"x12", and 24"x16". Choose the size that complements your home's layout and effortlessly enhances its overall aesthetic.

Free Hugs Front Door Welcome Mat

In terms of style, our mats feature timeless black print that adds a touch of sophistication to any doorstep. The golden coir bristle top provides an elegant contrast, creating a visually pleasing design that complements a range of architectural styles. With a durable black base, our mats not only look great but also offer stability and secure placement on any surface.

Maintaining the cleanliness of our mats is a breeze. Thanks to their easy-to-clean design, you can simply shake off excess dirt or give them a quick brush to restore their pristine appearance. Spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying the warmth and beauty of your home.

Create an unforgettable first impression with our exceptional outdoor mats. Elevate your home's entrance and let your personality shine through with these captivating and functional pieces. Say hello to a warm welcome and goodbye to dirt and messes with our extraordinary mats, designed to elevate your life and transform your entryway into a space you'll fall in love with, every time you walk through the door.

Why buy our outdoor mats?

  • Highly durable coir material
  • Exceptional dirt-trapping capabilities
  • Sophisticated prints
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Stable and secure base
Namaste Out Welcome Mat

Front Door Welcome Mat Q&A

What size of welcome mat should I choose for my front door?

Choose a size that fits your front door space: We offer these four sizes, see images above for the various sizes. 36"x24", 30"x18", 18"x12", or 24"x16".

Are front door welcome mats weather-resistant?

Yes, front door welcome mats are designed to be weather-resistant and withstand outdoor conditions.

How do I clean and maintain a front door welcome mat?

Cleaning is easy: shake off excess dirt or give it a quick brush. Some mats are also hose-friendly for deeper cleaning.

Can I use a front door welcome mat on different types of flooring surfaces?

Yes, front door welcome mats are versatile and can be used on various flooring surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and concrete.

What materials are front door welcome mats typically made of?

Front door welcome mats are commonly made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials like coir (coconut fiber) and sturdy bristle tops.

Are front door welcome mats suitable for high-traffic areas?

Yes, front door welcome mats are designed for high-traffic areas and can withstand frequent use (both people and pets)

Do front door welcome mats have non-slip features?

Yes, many front door welcome mats are designed with non-slip features to provide stability and prevent accidents.

How do I prevent front door welcome mats from sliding or moving?

Using a mat gripper or placing the mat on a non-slip surface can help prevent sliding or movement.

Are front door welcome mats suitable for outdoor use only, or can they be used indoors as well?

Front door welcome mats can be used both outdoors and indoors, depending on your preference and needs.

What designs and patterns are available for front door welcome mats?

Front door welcome mats come in a wide range of designs and patterns to suit various styles and preferences. We offer nature and wildlife themes, as well as travel, people, pets and humor themes.

Can front door welcome mats effectively trap dirt and debris?

Yes, front door welcome mats are designed to effectively trap dirt and debris, keeping your floors cleaner. The materials used, such as coir or bristle tops, are excellent at grabbing and trapping dirt, ensuring that it stays outside and doesn't make its way into your clean living space.

Will the colors of a front door welcome mat fade over time?

No, our front door welcome mats use fade-resistant dyes, ensuring long-lasting color brilliance.

Are front door welcome mats pet-friendly and resistant to pet claws?

Front door welcome mats are typically pet-friendly and resistant to pet claws, providing durability and functionality.

How long do front door welcome mats typically last before needing replacement?

Front door welcome mats are built to last, but their lifespan may vary depending on usage and maintenance.

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