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31 Perfect Gifts for Elephant Lovers

What every elephant lover needs (2020)

Our 2020 holiday gift guide has a gift idea for everyone on your list. Use this gift guide to discover the best presents for the loved ones on your Christmas list.  Visit our site to find even MORE great gifts for that special person in your life!



Our products are made in various countries around the world from Kenya to Ukraine, to America, so you can find something special for everyone. In our effort to continue doing everything we can to save and protect our beautiful elephants, 10% of all our net profits go directly to elephant sanctuaries to help wounded or orphaned elephants. We are excited to welcome you to our elephant family.
Have dinner with elephants_Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Elephant family visiting the safari lodge - Photo by David Clode


We have so many gifts to offer and we have broken them down into categories that are easy to navigate. We hope you find the picture-perfect gift for that elephant lover in your family!

Fashion Accessory Gifts

1. Face Masks and Neck Gaiters

For starters, let me introduce you to some of the hottest of 2020. You have to have one of these to go into almost any establishment right now. However, they are also very handy to have during flu season or even while doing yard work to decrease risk of seasonal allergies. Our three masks are beautifully designed to show off your creative and fun side.

Two Layer Elephant Spring Face Mask, the 3 Layer Cheetah Face Mask, and the Elephant Neck Gaiter. The Two Layer Elephant Spring Mask is 100% cotton. Our 3 Layer Cheetah Face Mask includes a shiny print of Africa on it’s polyester outer lining and comfort of a cotton inner lining.

For those who prefer not to have the ear bands on their masks, we suggest our Elephant Neck Gaiter. This colorful explosion of an abstract elephant print is comfortable and stretchy fabric.

2. Hats and Caps

With breathable mesh backing, the Trendy Elephant Trucker Hat comes in three color options and is perfect enjoying a day in the sun while protecting yourself from harmful rays. Our Elephant Trucker Hat has a little more of a rustic look than the Trendy Trucker hat, and a favorite of men and women. Finally, the Elephant Vintage Cotton Twill Cap is available in 4 rustic colors, embroidered with an elephant silhouette, and perfect for a tailgate party or backyard event.

Beautiful Elephant Cap


3. Scrunchies

Scrunchies have made a comeback! We're always looking for easy ways to have a comfortable and cute hair style, and let's face it, scrunchies are super stylish and comfortable. Just wear it on your wrist or tie up your hair and wait for the compliments to start rolling in. We have two looks for you. Our Vibrant Grey and Yellow Scrunchies and our Boho Elephant + Pink Chiffon Scrunchies.

4. Ties and Socks

Jazz up your everyday office look with a cool Tie and Elephant Gathering Socks. The socks are not just dress sock, but could be wore to school on crazy sock day or just for fun! Our red plaid Elephant Scarf is a nice accent to any winter outfit.

5. Jewelry

Our Bronze Elephant Earrings are small, but bold. They are accented with a brilliant ruby red jewel. Stone beaded bracelets are very trendy right now. Our Elephant Stone Beaded Bracelets come in four peaceful colors including vintage elephant charms.

Our beautifully crafted Silver Elephant Necklace has a bold look to it that will wow you and your friends. This elephant necklace is petite and absolutely stunning, and also comes in gold.

Have a friend with an apple watch? Gift our classy Cherry Blossom Elephant Watch Band. These high quality, animal-friendly faux leather watch straps are the extra missing punch to the office or a night out.



We Love Elephant Themed Clothing

6. Adult Elephant Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Cold weather is sneaking up on us. Ele Footprints has a few sweaters to choose from for those fashion lovers on your list. Our all-over colorful print of our Elephants Gathering Sweatshirt provides an upbeat look to your wardrobe if you’re looking for something color blasting. Tie dye is in! And our stylish Chill Out Tie Dye Unisex Hoodie is comfy and perfect for that relaxed fit. It holds an embroidered elephant above the heart. For your younger, hip family and friends, we offer a trendy long sleeved crop top. This Women's Crop Sweatshirt is a soft fleece with a ribbed neckline, available in six different colors!

7. Women’s Shirts

Let’s face it. Women love comfy tee shirts. Rather we are just relaxing around the house or throwing on our favorite shirt to run to the store, comfy shirts are never a disappointing gift! For the proud mothers we have a Cute Elephant Motherhood Tee, which comes in five colors. We also house a more colorful option. But the only bad thing about our bright Short-Sleeve Elephant Tee is choosing which color to buy!  And my absolute favorite, the flowy Women's Elephant Rolled Cuff T-Shirt in perfectly blended fabrics for the most relaxed feel. This one comes in a variety including heather grey, peach, and olive colors.


8. Pants

If you’re looking for yoga leggings or running tights, we have plenty to choose from. Everything from our tie dye lovers to our color blasting fitness fanatics. These leggings are super soft, stretchy and will not let you down. Check out our options for the Women's Elephant Yoga LeggingsTie Dye Women's Elephant Print Yoga Leggings, Inspirational Elephant Women's Yoga Leggings, and Elephant Walk Women's Leggings.

Don’t worry dudes, we have something for you too! Our Chill Out Tie Dye Men's Elephant Joggers will make your workouts or leisure time more comfortable and relaxing.

In the Kitchen

9. Mugs and Tea Accessories

Sitting Elephant Enamel Mug for our happy campers and outdoorsy loved ones. Add a splash of color to your morning coffee or tea ritual with our Friday Elephant in a Monday World Accent Mug.  If you’re looking for a travel mug, try our stainless small-size tumbler is vacuum-insulated and built to last our Elephant Coffee Tumbler. For your boho loving friends, try our white ceramic Elephant Latte Mug. Your tea lovers can kick back and relax with our too-cute-for words, stainless steel, Elephant Tea Strainer.



10. Wine Bottle Holder

For the elephant loving wine drinker, gift them our Pink Wine Holder in the shape of a standing elephant.


11. Aprons and Cutting Boards

Don’t forget the cooks on your shopping list. You cant have too many cutting boards or aprons. These are two things cooks use regularly! Having a backup or an opportunity to through out that old worn out thing will put a smile on their face. Spruce up their kitchen with our Organic Bamboo Elephant Cutting Board and vibrant Elephant Apron



Baby Gifts

12. LED Elephant Night Light - Vibrant Light Color Choices

Perfect kids night light, baby night light, nursery night light. This LED night light comes with a remote to turn it on and off and to also change the colors. This silicone night light can be separated from the battery and the silicone is dish washer safe. 

13. Plush, Stuffed Elephant Toys

Rather you have a new baby in the family or your friend has a toddler, our elephant plush toys are always a hit with the little ones. These soft animals will be hugged constantly with our options ranging from our 24 inch tall Grey with Blue ears for baby boy, 16 inch Grey with Pink ears, Pink elephant, and my favorite, the grey and white gift box containing a fleece blanket, rattle, and security blanket.

14. Baby Onesies

But listen, that sweet baby could also use some elephant swag to show off on those trips to the store or to visit grandmother. Our Field of Dreams onesie is available in five lovely colors. But they may be drawn to our balloon carrying elephant on our other Elephant Onesie. And guess what? Both of these can be personalized with the babies name or nickname; your choice of font!

15. Personalized Baby Blankets

Our personalized products don’t stop there. We offer a variety of personalized baby blankets, including our baby girl announcement, baby boy announcement, and our personalized birth blanket.


16. Baby and Toddler Tees and Hoodies

For the older kids on your shopping list, we have several clothing items to pick from. Our cozy Santa Elephant t-shirt comes in 5 colors to choose from. The Geometric Elephant shirt is a favorite, in seven color options and available in sizes from 6-24 months old. Our color blasting Bubbly t-shirt is also available in multiple color options. But for the cooler weather of winter sneaking up on us, you may be more interested in warming your favorite niece in our cozy Hoodie, in pink or grey.


For the Home

17. Elephant Wall Art

Add your love of elephants to the walls of your hallway or bedroom with our high quality framed posters. Our realistic, calming nature print, Love at First Sight, brings nature to your home. If you are looking for a more abstract feel, go with our Stunning Elephant Head poster with a bright orange background and black, bold, elephant face print. And finally our popular Field of Dreams print can be framed and placed on your wall.

18. Elephant Blankets and Duvets

Know any elephant lovers who are redecorating? Our Elephant Bedding comes in two colorful options. The Field of Dreams elephant on a pink background and our soft fleece blanket picturing marching elephants. Both are cozy and bring a vibrant love of elephants to your room.

19. Elephant Coasters

Tired of water rings left on your wooden surfaces? These Elephant Coasters are a great gift because you know they will be used! We have a Namaste Coaster, a Field of Dreams coaster, and a multicolor coaster that will all add flavor to a room.


20. Elephant Accent Bowls and Sculptures

Who doesn’t love sculptures or accent bowls? These can liven up a dresser, Television stand, a bookshelf and bring a hint of your personality and love for elephants to your décor. Ele Footprints’ store offers a few very classy and adorable accents to buy your loved one; or yourself!  Our colorful elephant sculptures come in blue, red, or yellow and have a painted pattern unique to each color. We have a beautiful white, Mama and Baby soapstone sculpture, 10 inches tall, and brings class to any shelf.  A miniature soapstone bowl could be a perfect African landscape addition to the kitchen or a bookshelf. This beautiful bowl is available in two color options. Both are sure to liven up any room.


21. Elephant Wall Clock

Our fun, colorful Elephant Wall Clock is a kid favorite, but it also spices up a dorm room, giving it some life.


22. Elephant Rugs and Mats

If you have the elephant theme going, this area Elephant Rug will lay nicely in the center of a room, with a herd of beautiful giants marching together. Our store also has two bath mats to offer. A more feminine Elephant bath mat, and a black and white themed mat with a print of an Asian Elephant.

23. Elephant Pillows

The African Elephant Pillow with geometric background is a nice accent to any couch. Ele Footprint’s Boho elephant pillow will calm any living space with its relaxing touch.  Sequin flip reversible pillows are hot items for teenagers right now. Our Elephant sequin pillow adds a jolt of shine to a bedroom with a color block walking elephant. Love Plaid? We do! Our red plaid Mama and Baby Throw Pillow is perfect for those animal lovers who are not going for the boho or teenage look. 

24. Elephant Watering Can

Don’t neglect your garden. It is much easier to remember to water those flowers when you get to use our fun Vintage Elephant Watering Can. This beauty is a metal container with a nose spout for pouring.  Every time you use this elephant watering can, it will remind you of your love for our magnificent beasts.


Fun Accessories

25. Elephant Stickers and Decals

Stickers are back. In the 80s and 90s kids put stickers on everything from their notebooks to their walls. Well the trend come back around and you see stickers on water bottles and computers to personalize property. We have several sticker choices to choose from. We have a Kaleidoscope, Elephant Lovers, Mama and baby, and Field of dreams. To buy in bulk, contact

Elephant Sticker-die-cut_elefootprints
Elephant Sticker-die-cut from elefootprints

26. Elephant Totes and Bags

Totes and bags are great gifts because you know they will be used! Who doesn’t need a bag to carry in groceries, haul makeup or clothes to and from work or school, or even for an overnight stay? We have a variety of bags to choose from like our simple and classy Weekend Elephant bag, and large cosmetic bags. We also have the artsy Mara Elephant and Boho Elephant totes.


27. Elephant Backpacks

We offer a variety of back packs that appeal to both children and adults. The Playful Elephant Backpack with artwork of a beautiful elephant slinging water atop its head. Our minimalist "Field of Dreams" elephant backpack is just the right size for your daily trips. Or, you could add a splash of color to your routine with this colorful medium size backpack.

beautiful pink and elephant backpack

28. Elephant Fanny Packs

For trips to parks, or fairs, a fanny pack is more ideal than toting around a purse. Check out our Elephant Hip Bag / Fanny Pack in both pink and blue.



29. Elephant Journals, Notepads, and Mousepads

Write your dreams, ideas, and experiences down in these bright color blocked Elephant Journals. Or try our high quality, beautiful mama and baby Elephant Mouse Pad to create an appealing accent on your desk. But don’t forget the handy and safe Laptop sleeve.

30. Elephant Pin Buttons and Phone Cases

Our metal Elephant Pin Buttons are a popular addition to jean jackets or backpacks for those animal lovers. And don’t forget a new phone case! We offer two iPhone cases, the “Just a girl” and Sitting Elephant cases. And for the Samsung users, we have our Field of Dreams case filled with daisies and butterflies surrounding a calm elephant.

31. Goofy Christmas Elephant Gifts

From crazy socks to ugly Christmas sweater, everyone loves a goofy gift! We have plenty to offer. Check out our site for the silliest gift you can give. Many love the Christmas themed gifts, like our coffee mug, matching Rudolph Elephant sweater, Christmas Season Pillow, the Ugly Christmas sweater, or even the Crazy Christmas Tights. But there is so much more. Our Geometric Coffee Mug is the cutest thing you will drink from. Our red holiday plaid Accessory Pouch is a festive way to keep your little items organized. And finally, what is Christmas without a stocking? Complete your elephant Christmas with this adorable family favorite!

All for an Important Cause

As you shop our store remember you are doing your part to save the Elephants by joining our elephant cause. Share this opportunity with your friends, and help educate others on the mistreatment of elephants.

Remember the most important reason to shop our store is because we donate 10% of our net profits from our store to elephant conservation efforts in Africa and Brazil. Please subscribe to become a member of the Herd so that you can get newsletter updates and discounts. Don’t forget to give us a shout out on social media #elefootprints.

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